And the villain is Scooter Libby—huh

Some Passing Thoughts

Everybody who belief that Karl Rove did not have a hand in the demise Joseph Wilson and Valerie Plame, please raise their hand?

I must admit Mr. Teflon, Rove, may have got off lucky. I guess he learned something from the last time he talked out of turn.

Now the question is how high did the cover-up go?

Why would Cheney tell of Plame status?

Did everybody, in the White House, point their finger at Scooter to protect the "two offices”?

Do we really believe that the vice president, and especially this vice president, and the president did not know?

Was this the strategy set in motion two years ago?

Or when the president redefined the definition of is? A la the Clinton proxy, that he would fire anyone who was involved in the outing of Plame?

The question is, I am sure, that if Fitzgerald had, if given more time, could he proof the connection of the triumvirate? I think he could have, with the last bit being aided by Judith Miller.

Did Scooter take one for the team?

And finally, a matter of concern for White House has been, is that they have not seen Rove's "A" game for the last six or seven months. Going backwards, Harriet Miers, Iraq-election, Wilma, Rita, Katrina, Iraq-convention, Creationism, Iraq, Terri Schiavo, Iraq, and the list goes on…

The stroke of Patriotism has been strung too taut and now the string is beginning to recoil. Unfortunately, I do not see these "brother-in-arms" not continuing to strike the chord. The question is: will they continue strike the cord until it breaks?

The self-implosion of the Republican Party continues, Frist, Delay, and along with the fiscal conservative rebellion are just the beginning. The immigration debate in the Southwest will affect the 2006 mid-terms, and Tom Tancredo, will have an impact, if not as a presidential candidate, certainly as a spoiler for the 2008 elections. The political malaise and unrest that is affecting the ego and attitude of Americans, and the resentment toward illegal immigrants could possibly set another factious split within the Republic Party.

I believe what we are seeing is "similar" to pre-War World II Germany, with Americans continual Faustian angst of the "others from the outside" (see the Fall television season) and their "feeling" of persecution, with uncertainty of their family survival, and the now "the friendly illegal immigrant" who brings along with them the enemy from the outside, and the unsecured gate (borders), are driving Americans fears….

And now the ineptness of our leaders (see the Deficit Spending, Katrina, and Harriet Miers) and the apparent dishonesty (see Scooter Libby) makes the country ripe for the similar tyranny to rise from a small factious group to be "elected…"

Well citizens, those are some of the off the cuff thoughts, perusing my through mind. Remember, "Tyranny is never ripped from the people, but given willingly," and like the boiling frog, where the heat is turned up slowly, America and Americans are slowly coming to a boil as the heat is being turned.


2 Responses to “And the villain is Scooter Libby—huh”

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