Sunday Afternoon Distraction

It has been a while since I had done something completely for myself. So, this will be it before I get to the task of my usual political commentary. Sometimes, I forget that there is something more than just grinding one's life into small arbitrary moments of sanity and rationality.

Some of you may have noticed in the side bar, that I have link called One Paradise View. This is a place where everyone is allowed to comment on the everyday mundane. Or, tell a story that is universal to a community. In this place, a virtual world can be created. This link, this page, will be diary, a narrative, a place to blow of steam. So, send me your emails, and add to the story, or whatever quirk of the day.

One final point, the rent-a-blog, also inside the side bar, is another form to be seen by other bloggers, and to givemore exposure on the Internet. I recently joined a site called, (BE), it is for everyone who wishes their blog was seen more. I will have a review/commentary on BE later in the week.

So, their you are folks, have great day! Here is the link,

One Paradise View


3 Responses to “Sunday Afternoon Distraction”

  1. dreamwave Says:

    thx dude …i really need traffic on my site…,
    visit my blog:-

  2. angel Says:

    BE is really cool. That is where I met you! BE rotates so everyones blogs will eventually be shown.

    You have the right to do something for yourself every now and then.


  3. Honestcitizen Says:

    Thanks for allowing me to pimp you out on my blog.

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