Today’s Thought #1

Image by JC from Maldita, Bratinella site.

"Everyone is a victim of circumstance…"

"Duty is heavier than a mountain, Death is lighter than a feather"
– Robert Jordan*

One can see themselves as a victim, or as a person that did the best they could. To see duty as heavy as a mountain is failing to see the opportunities, and choices that are opened to them. To see death as relief to duty is inanity unto self and misses the point Living in the "now" are the triumphs, the failures, and life's lessons that are learned and shared with those who have touched us.

To see duty this way is self-centered at best, but certainly delusional at its worse.

The "living" moment is certainly the duty that we all share. To be with our friends, family, husband, wives, boyfriend, girlfriend, or simply a person we make a connection with 10,000 miles away on the Net are to be cherished. For good or ill life's duty is not the burdensome mountain but an oportunity to heralded.

To seek such solace to be lighter than a feather before the course of life has been fulfilled is another form egocentrism that is short sighted. It may be understandable, but it only signals that, one desire to shortens their role in the Universe and not wanting to touch those they can and to have those who can touch them is failing to fulfill the reciprocity of life's journey.

Today may be good to die, to be as light as a feather, but today is also good day to celebrate and pass on the treasure's of ones duty, honor, and knowledge to the next generation and beyond.

* This quote I found on a weblog at Maldita, Bratinella (link) and the above commentary is my response that I left. After re-reading it, I thought I should post it here, to indicate where my train of thoughts my going in the next few weeks.


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