Todays Thought #2**

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Who has broken a vow to you? Another life lesson to be sure….and journey necessary to face tendering of the heart and for the mind to make proper choices. Yes, to live without trust is to sacrifice one spiritual nature to the demons of doubts and curry their favor within insecurities.

Yes, the world is full of deceit and deception but if this is all one sees then the opportunity for enlightenment is lost and darkened.

To see the world as merely black and white, to expect perfection and not to see the "flaws" as the aspect of one's beauty and inateness, sets us a part from ourselves and the Universe.

Yes, trust is never the same once perceived as broken–but we are not the same because one has allowed to be "conditioned." To be naive is not a blindness but an unexpected gem that shones the error of our ways to those we touch.

And yes, the trust one had may not be the same, but the journey of reparations, if forgiveness has not been forsaken, can be redeemed through salvation of ones heart.

To allow the ashes of betrayal to foster is to reinvite darkness–thus trust must be given wholeheartedly it is the only way to penetrate core of existence and to find our true spiritual path to the Universe and to ourselves.

-gks** Todays second thought is also a response to Maldita, Bratinella posting "Broken Vow" (link). These two thoughts of the day are tied together in that ultimately it is our own personal resposnsibilty to find our way in the Universe as well as our own spirituality.


5 Responses to “Todays Thought #2**”

  1. Battlerocker Says:

    This is a thoughtful and insightful post and a good blog in general. It’s a good read and I will be back.

  2. bozette Says:

    Greg that was very well put.
    Thank You for sharing.

  3. bonemonkey Says:

    It is trying to keep such ideas in mind when one is spitting mad. That is the trick. Like the sentiments.

  4. bonemonkey Says:

    It is keeping these thoughts in mind when one is spitting mad. This is the trick. Nice sentiments.

  5. Maldita, Bratinella Says:

    very well said. thanks for the inputs…
    as always, you have wonderful thoughts about things…appreciated.

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