Woe! Heavy Dude

No one should think of themselves as a victim. To be honest, victims are made when the victims give in to some cruel act against them. Bad things happen, sometimes very bad. The trick is to not give in. Hope gives inner strength where reason fails. To rise above being victimized is justice. No matter how oppressed, beaten, subjugated, stand tall and say, "I am and I will continue to be." Let the joy of overcoming obstacles feed your soul. Grow strong knowing no matter what bad is thrown your way, you may bend, but you will not break.

Now, as to duty. Duty is self-inflicted. Reconnaissance that fact. Embrace the knowledge that you do it to yourself. Got it? Good. Now stop saying Duty is bad. It is no worse than eating a bowl of ice cream. Sure you may not like the extra weight, but come on it tastes sweet doesn't it? Oh yeah, hmmmmmm, other people are made happy because of duty. That smile on their face is reward enough.

What happens to those who do not appreciate your efforts? Well, you should not worry about it. In order to trust someone, everyone must first give their trust freely and without measure. Trust is not a one-way street. Distrust is an inbred beast. Those who violate trust should be forgiven. Forgiven?!? Yes, what a wretched creature betrays those who care enough to be open to betrayal. As I said, distrust is an inbred beast bedding down with its sibling betrayal. Together they poison their parent. After all, who can trust if that same person is willing to betray others' trust?

The mountain weight of duty may not be really one of duty, but perhaps a sign pointing to lack of trust.


3 Responses to “Woe! Heavy Dude”

  1. Maldita, Bratinella Says:

    another words of wisdom…good insights you got there…

  2. Elif Says:

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  3. clarity Says:

    Thich Naht Han covers this very well …

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