The Terrorists at Home





Well, that tears it! We have officially lost the “War on Terror”! Mark this day down, the so called argument “Fighting them over there, in order to protect us here” is done. And, you can thank the major four drug (link) companies for not only identifying the terrorist among us, but also finding a cure for them and terrorism a well. Hey, take these two pills and call your psychiatrist in the morning.

And, who said big pharmaceuticals companies don’t have compassion for their fellow man. The proof is in the pudding—yes? Essentially, a study clarifies by way of surveying over 9000 US adults on road rage, and as a result a new mental disorder: Intermittent Explosive Disorder and may effect as much as 7.3 percent of American adults (see June 8th Mayo Clinic online).

Hmm? We have IED’s in America! That tears it! It is time to kick all the bums out of office in charge of Homeland Security. To let such roadside terror to infiltrate the country, to terrorize Americans and to find “we fought the enemy and they are us!”

While the troops in Iraq blaze by the IED’s (Improvise Explosive Devices) on the highways of Baghdad, which are mechanical in nature, the citizenry of American highways are in danger by our IED’s; a seeing red, enraged, (mostly) male adult “blowing up” at us in our cars.


Huh, that certainly explains Jake Plumber, who recently had his IED moment here in Denver.

I can see defense attorneys throughout America already lining up to co-opt this latest mental disorder to protect their wayward “clients.”—hmph!

Whatever, happened to personal responsibility; and, being accountable for your own actions? Oh, yeah we gave up it to socialists, Godless nannyists, communists on the Left and the God fearing, authoritarian fascists, Neocons on the Right. Oh well, it is just another day in paradise and we now have our own IED’s to make it complete.


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