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Blog-Explosion Turns Leftist Activist?

July 10, 2006

-By Warner Todd Huston

Blog-Explosion is one of those web-sites that tries to help its members enlarge the traffic that patronizes their blog. Upon joining the service, they try to steer visitors to your site and they add your site to their directory of sites organized by subject, etc.

As a long time member of the service, I recently received an interesting e-mail plea from Blog-Explosion asking that member bloggers blog about a new idea called “your” to gain credits in the Blog-Explosion system.

Apparently, the idea is that you (Joe-citizen of the world) should send your questions about what you want to see changed or addressed in the world today to the site, and then, in Sept. in Germany, this group will meet and talk about your questions.

They will have a big forum where all these “artists, scientists. And people of the world” will sit about and discuss the state of the world and what to do about it all. YOUR questions will drive the agenda and set the tone.

Yeah. Riiiight.

The site that it takes you to makes one suspicious right away. The first screen says:

Dropping knowledge is a global initiative to turn apathy into activity. By hosting an open conversation on the most pressing issues of our times, we will foster a worldwide exchange of viewpoints, ideas and people-powered solutions. However knowledge is defined, by dropping it freely to others, we all gain wisdom.

This is just the first of the many “explanations” that end up sounding suspiciously like “feels-good” seminar-speak. As you click through the pages you see more and more of it. They are going to “turn apathy into activity”, they are going to “challenge people”, they want to “inspire conversation”…. etc., etc.

But no where can you find out what it is they want to change. It’s all nebulous and undefined.

Of course, if you watch the little webmovie there you will see the woman they have as the star of their clip saying that religion is all that is wrong in the world.

“Religion causes inflexibility, wars, hatred, persecution, a world full of divisions.I want to ask if one can leave religion behind …”

Well it simple-mindedly goes on and on from there.

But, aside from the webmovie, there is no real explanation of what they want to do. Why is that one might wonder? Because, more than likely, these “scientists, artists, and people from all over the world” are coming to Germany in September with an agenda preformed.

They have no interest in “your questions”.

Why do I say that?

On one page you can find out that the U.S. sponsor of this thing is the Tides Center. And on their web page you can get a nice list of their board of directors. And this list really tells you what their agenda is.

NGO Leftist agitation!

Tides Center Board of Directors(A selection)

Noa Emmett Aluli, Director
Noa Emmett Aluli is a Native Hawaiian physician on Moloka’i and a long time activist for the preservation of Hawaiian culture and beliefs

Dan Carol, Director
Dan has served as a budget analyst at the Congressional Budget Office, former Research Director for the Democratic National Committee

Stephanie J. Clohesy, Secretary
Stephanie J. Clohesy is a public service leader with experience in public policy, women’s rights, citizen participation/democratization.

Martha Jiménez, Director
Martha Jiménez is the Assistant Director for Equal Opportunity for the Rockefeller Foundation West Coast Office in San Francisco, California. Martha is a graduate of California’s Bolt School of Law where she served as co-editor-in-chief of La Raza Law Journal.

Wade Rathke, Chair
Wade Rathke is the President of the New Orleans-based Local 100 of the Service Employees Union of America, AFL-CIO.

Maya Wiley, Director
Maya Wiley is the founder and Director of the Center for Social Inclusion (CSI), an applied research and advocacy organization which supports community groups to dismantle structural racism. A civil rights attorney and social justice advocate, she worked for the ACLU National Legal Department, litigating education and race discrimination cases and the NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Inc. on access to health care. She has assisted several not-for-profits on program and strategy development in the United States, including the Applied Research Center and the Poverty and Race Resource Action Council.

Really, what more need be said? Many anti-American, leftist groups are represented in the history of the board of directors so it is pretty obvious what their agenda leans toward.

So, what is it they plan to change? They don’t say, but OBVIOUSLY they plan to eliminate America and replace it with their “better way”, what ever that may be.

But, what do they REALLY want? When all is said and done?


Their site is really just a portal to raise cash to support their pre-formed agenda of destroying America, eliminating religion, and pushing their leftist agenda.

So, Blog-Explosion has gone from a blog community to a leftist agitator.

Should we be surprised?

Still, I say let’s not just boycott Blog-Explosion. Let’s participate in this “question” exchange. Let’s email them why they like to kill babies with unlimited abortion? Let’s ask them why they want to destroy capitalism, the thing that has brought improvement to the world? Let’s ask them why they want America laid low? Let’s ask them why they want to indiscriminately eliminate religion? How about why they want to topple legitimate governments and replace it with some kind of one world government?

How much you want to bet not one of OUR questions end up being considered in Germany in September!


The Terrorists at Home

June 13, 2006





Well, that tears it! We have officially lost the “War on Terror”! Mark this day down, the so called argument “Fighting them over there, in order to protect us here” is done. And, you can thank the major four drug (link) companies for not only identifying the terrorist among us, but also finding a cure for them and terrorism a well. Hey, take these two pills and call your psychiatrist in the morning.

And, who said big pharmaceuticals companies don’t have compassion for their fellow man. The proof is in the pudding—yes? Essentially, a study clarifies by way of surveying over 9000 US adults on road rage, and as a result a new mental disorder: Intermittent Explosive Disorder and may effect as much as 7.3 percent of American adults (see June 8th Mayo Clinic online).

Hmm? We have IED’s in America! That tears it! It is time to kick all the bums out of office in charge of Homeland Security. To let such roadside terror to infiltrate the country, to terrorize Americans and to find “we fought the enemy and they are us!”

While the troops in Iraq blaze by the IED’s (Improvise Explosive Devices) on the highways of Baghdad, which are mechanical in nature, the citizenry of American highways are in danger by our IED’s; a seeing red, enraged, (mostly) male adult “blowing up” at us in our cars.


Huh, that certainly explains Jake Plumber, who recently had his IED moment here in Denver.

I can see defense attorneys throughout America already lining up to co-opt this latest mental disorder to protect their wayward “clients.”—hmph!

Whatever, happened to personal responsibility; and, being accountable for your own actions? Oh, yeah we gave up it to socialists, Godless nannyists, communists on the Left and the God fearing, authoritarian fascists, Neocons on the Right. Oh well, it is just another day in paradise and we now have our own IED’s to make it complete.

A Musical Interlude

June 3, 2006

Found at the stylings of Michael Buble.

Well, here I am again stressing to write a post. I have been doing alot of that lately. Politically, I am burning out. Socially, I feel isolated. Oh, I my friends are there for me, even those who are most dear to me. However, my nerves seem to be on edge, seemingly and constantly being scrapped like fingernails on a chalkboard. When this happens, I close my eyes and try to find the "music," inside me to restore balance. Earlier, I found a song on to dedicate to a friend's newest adventure and sent it to them as a message that the "new dawn, " "new day," and "new life" was nothing to fear.

image by Jen C.

Enjoy the reverie, and relish the new opportunities. The song is "Feeling Good" by Michael Buble found at……