Mission Statement

Stewart Consortium's Mission Statement

The Stewart Consortium is a website dedicated to a pragmatic vision of the future; holding dear the principles, the spirit, and the ideals of a democratic republic. In doing so, this means that from time to time some may be left behind, people and nations will fall, but in the end, the hope, the desire will always be the betterment of humanity.

Therefore, it is the purpose of this site to share all views, no opinion, no principle, or no ideal shall be unexamined. However, there will be one groundrule that will be required: that all ideas and persons shall be treated with respect, and, all discourse shall be heard. At times, this will be difficult, but I will not harbor the view of censorship, say for one, this is not a site for pornography postings. There are other sites more appropriate for that material.

However, this does not mean the subject of discussing such subjects are off limits. Simply, the mission of this site is to have academics, students, teachers, politicians, social critics, and the every day citizen, etc. to actively discuss the shape, visions, ideals, and beliefs, in order to transcend and understand one another differences and pragmaticallly weave a solution together so that evolvement of humanity can be reached through spiritual and civil discourse.


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